2022. ‘The Racialized Pandemic: Wave One of Covid-19 and the Reproduction of Global North Inequalities’ (with Desmond King). Perspectives on Politics, 20(2), 507-527.    [Publisher link]

2021. ‘“They Take Our Houses”: Benefit Competition and the Erosion of Support for Immigrants’ Social Rights’. British Journal of Political Science, 51(4), 1381-1401. [Publisher link] [Replication]

2021. ‘The Critics of Welfare: From Neoliberalism to Populism’ (with Desmond King). In The Oxford Handbook of Welfare States (Second Edition). Oxford: Oxford University Press.

2015. ‘European Welfare States and Migrant Poverty. The Institutional Determinants of Disadvantage’ (with Georg Picot). Comparative Political Studies, 48(14), 1879-1904. [Publisher link] [Supplement]

Working papers

‘Insuring Against Hunger? Long-Term Political Consequences of Exposure to the Dutch Famine’ (with Raluca Pahontu and David Rueda). R&R. [Paper

‘Immigration, Labor Market Concerns, and Demands for Social Protection: Longitudinal Evidence from the United Kingdom’.

Work in Progress
Book Manuscript

Elites, Legacies and the Politics of Migration’ (with Desmond King) (Under Contract with Cambridge University Press).


‘’Not In My Backyard’: Asylum Seekers’ Accommodation and Anti-Immigrant Sentiment’

‘All in the Same Boat? Competition, Group Identity, and Support for the Welfare State’

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